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Courageous U Tour Anti-Bullying Presentation:Life’s a Movie–What’s Your Role?

Studies show that private religious schools have about the same amount of bullying as public schools. During this school-changing live presentation, Paul Coughlin helps all the characters in the “Theater of Bullying” to understand and change their role: Bully, Bystander, Target, and Authority. With humor as well as soul-stirring power, conviction and inspiration, Paul Coughlin gives students, teachers, and parents what they need to know to combat bullying and spread God’s love, mercy and justice, helping to make your school safer, spur creativity and test scores, and grow courage, faith and love.

The Courageous U Tour:

  • Helps bystanders find the courage they need to become a Protector, and in the process grow their faith in action.
  • Helps targets understand the real reason why they are singled out, and how to avoid being a target in the future.
  • Helps bullies see what they are really doing, and what they need to do to change right now.
  • Helps authority understand the dangerous myths about bullying and what they must do to bring peace, justice and harmony to their class and school.

Help your teachers, administrators and students to become Protectors—heroes who defend human dignity, which is a gift from God. It’s time for people of faith to stand up through courage, strength and love (I Cor. 16:14), and help “Justice to roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream” (Amos 5:24).

Paul Coughlin’s anti-bullying presentation was compelling, relevant and accessible to every student. His natural speaking ability created an openness that the students immediately responded to. His ability to reach our students on such a complicated topic was inspiring and all of the parents who observed the presentation and said it was one of the best assemblies they had seen. Mr. Coughlin has a natural gift and, more importantly, a message that needs to be heard. Having Mr. Coughlin at our school was one of the best investments of PTO funds ever. Hopefully, we will be able to have a return engagement each school year. —Katie Tso, President, Hoover Elementary PTO

Paul is an amazing communicator. He takes a compelling look at bullying, while at the same time from a humorous perspective. Don’t get me wrong, he is dead serious about bullying! I’m just telling you a fact; he is funny while he is communicating. I highly recommend him for your church, club or public or private school. I will certainly welcome him back to our pulpit! —Pastor Rick Hilsden, The Park Church, Canada

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The Protector’s Faith-Based Curriculum
(Ideal for Private Schools, Sunday Schools, Summer Camps, Youth Groups & More)

The Protectors Faith-Based curriculum gives you 6 life-changing lessons that when combined will change your school, youth group, Sunday School and more forever. It debunks many of the life-stealing myths about bullying and gives your students the insight and inspiration they need to transform from passive bystanders to courageous “Alongside Standers.” Ideal for character development and the cultivation of courage, the virtue that bolsters all other virtues and the virtue that stops some people from leaving the faith altogether.

Group Price: $249
(Includes 1 Teacher’s Guide and 10 Student Guides)

Individual Instruction Price: $89
(Includes 1 Teacher’s Guide and 1 Student’s Guide)

Protectors Prayer Requests

Everyday, people across the world pray for children who: are bullied, bystanders, who bully and have had their children take their own lives–bullycide–due to the despair and hopelessness that often accompany serial bullying.

If you would like to join the Protectors Prayer Partners and pray for such people, or submit names to be prayed for, click here.

  • Paul Coughlin! He’s amazing. I’m honored to be speaking with him today. Paul has a prophetic message for men. I’m a big fan. He talks about the martial spirit, about the thumos of men, about moving men from being nice to dangerous and good in the image of Jesus Christ. You have to hear this guy.

    Kenny Luck, Men's Pastor
    Saddleback Church, California
    Founder and President of Every Man's Ministries

    Audio Clip IconAudio Clip from Kenny Luck

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  • No More Jellyfish, Chickens or Wimps
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