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Freedom From Bullying. Courage & Character for Life

International speaker Paul Coughlin, creator of Life’s a Movie—What’s Your Role?” educates and inspires all four “characters” in the “Theater of Bullying” to change their role, decreasing bullying, growing courage and bolstering character development, compassion, empowerment, and acceptance.

With humor, conviction and inspiration, Paul Coughlin teaches how history’s greatest leaders, including America’s noble Martin Luther King Jr., did more than know and feel that cruelty was wrong—they acted through their ability to show courage in the face of fear and uncertainty. It is this ability, Coughlin explains, that turns concerned Bystanders into Alongside Standers for children who are targets of bullying—especially physically and mentally challenged children, the most bullied group of kids in any school. They need a courageous Protector and Coughlin’s stirring presentation shows them how to become one.

This inspiring presentation helps targets avoid being targets in the future, shows kids who bully the dangerous path they are really on and what they need to do to change today, and even helps authority see through powerful myths about bullying, helping their school be the best it can be.

Bullying tells children that others don’t care. But they do—they just need enough courage to put their compassion into action, and this presentation shows them how, creating a safer, more creative and happier school in which to learn, work and play.

About Protectors Founder Paul Coughlin
Paul Coughlin is a former newspaper editor, author of more than 7 books, and is a popular conference speaker. He has appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, C-SPAN, The LA Times, The New York Times, and Newsweek among other media outlets.

But most importantly, he is a passionate advocate for children who experience ongoing campaigns of cruelty called bullying. His anti-bullying curriculum and message is used by more than 100 organizations throughout the world, including Uganda, Australia, and South Africa. He is a varsity soccer coach, where he was voted Coach of the Year, and where he is also a member of the Board of Directors. He is also a board member of SMART: Start Making A Reader Today, which helps children K-through 3rd grade improve much needed literacy skills. He and his wife Sandy have three teenagers and live in Southern Oregon.

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Books by Paul

  • No More Christian Nice Girl
  • 5 Secrets Great Dads Know
  • Unleashing Courageous Faith
  • No More Christian Nice Guy
  • No More Jellyfish, Chickens or Wimps
  • Married But Not Engaged


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