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Coughlin Ministries: Home of The Protectors

Our unique mission is to restore hope, faith, to help build healthy relationships, and bolster courage, love, justice and dignity. We’re a ministry that sets captives free through God’s love, light and truth, fostering strength, good works, courageous faith, better marriages and stronger children.

We believe in real-world Christianity where all truth is God’s truth, which allows us to minister in both faith- and secular-based settings and organizations.

Our mission puts a special emphasis on diminishing adolescent bullying in faith-based schools, public schools, the workplace and wherever else such violence harms individuals and communities.

Founder & President Paul Coughlin

Paul Coughlin is a former newspaper editor and is the author of numerous books. He is the Founder of The Protectors, which provides values-based and faith-based solutions to the cruelty of adolescent bullying. As a popular speaker at men’s, women’s, parenting and anti-bullying conferences, he has appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, 700 Club, Focus on the Family, C-SPAN, The LA Times, The New York Times, Newsweek and other media outlets. His anti-bullying curriculum is used throughout North America as well as England, Canada, Australia, Uganda and South Africa. He is a frequent radio guest in Cork, Ireland.

He is the Boys Varsity Soccer Coach at St. Mary’s, where he was voted Coach of the Year, and where he is also a member of the Board of Directors. He is a member of the Southern Oregon Leadership Team for SMART: Start Making A Reader Today. He and his wife Sandy have three teenagers and live in Southern Oregon.

We’re advocates for the underdogs in life, people who due to common reasons take a more passive or non-assertive path through life. God has so much more for them, and with His grace, we help them break free from the shackles of small living and into the abundant life God has for them but who also warned is hard to find.

We help to set people free from the common sources of passivity and a non-assertive approach toward life. People who for various reasons are unable or have great difficulty speaking for themselves, including those who think speaking for themselves is somehow wrong. Like bullied children who in many cases are incapable of self-rescue. Like people who think that exerting their will is somehow wrong and even sinful, people who received this hazardous roadmap to life usually through their difficult upbringing, spiritual training, or both.

We do this noble work, not to level blame, but to set people free through greater clarity, strength, and courage, which foster greater faith, hope and love.

We restore lives, marriages, families. We help avert suicide and bullycide and to escape toxic religion. We’re in the soulful work of lifting burdens for people of faith and those who aren’t.

We also provide individual instruction over the phone for those who wrestle with what we call the “Christian Nice Guy Problem.” We have helped numerous men with this problem, restoring faith, marriages, families, careers–even helping people find the courage and faith necessary to leave a cult. For more information,  and type “Individual Instruction” in the Subject Line.

If Coughlin Ministries or The Protectors has helped you, then consider joining our team in order to bring this unique transformation to others by clicking here.

  • Paul Coughlin! He’s amazing. I’m honored to be speaking with him today. Paul has a prophetic message for men. I’m a big fan. He talks about the martial spirit, about the thumos of men, about moving men from being nice to dangerous and good in the image of Jesus Christ. You have to hear this guy.

    Kenny Luck, Men's Pastor
    Saddleback Church, California
    Founder and President of Every Man's Ministries

    Audio Clip IconAudio Clip from Kenny Luck

Books by Paul

  • No More Christian Nice Girl
  • 5 Secrets Great Dads Know
  • Unleashing Courageous Faith
  • No More Christian Nice Guy
  • No More Jellyfish, Chickens or Wimps
  • Married But Not Engaged


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